So you know you need to upsize, but the thought of upsizing gives you a headache..

So you know you need to upsize, but the thought of upsizing gives you a headache..


You’re finding that you’re constantly feeling claustrophobic in your home, there’s just not enough space for your family and it’s a huge source of stress for everyone.

Here are three reasons why you should start the process now:

#1. Your home is where you [...]

Buyer Agent Wanted

King + Miller is in search of experienced talent as we look to add another Buyer Agent. Who are we? We’re a high volume, tight knit, fiercely loyal team. We provide 5 star customer service like you read about (seriously, you can read about it, check our Zillow page). We invest heavily in lead generation and are rewarded with more new business leads than we can manage effectively. Read more about us here.

Real Estate Fraud Warning - It Can Happen to You

We've all seen it on the news. The horrible stories of sweet folks losing their life savings from phishing emails. Fraudsters have infiltrated the real estate world unfortunately. Like many other industries, ours is not immune to falling victim to the seemingly legit looking emails, which unlocks troves of information for the scammers to use. Often without us even knowing.

Getting to Know Graze in Peace

In Your Town: Getting to Know Graze in Peace

Just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of Freeport you’ll find a quiet farm tucked amongst South Durham’s rolling hills. With little more than a small sign that says “Graze” you would hardly know what lies beyond the long tree lined drive. Here at 591 Pinkham Brook Rd is Graze in Peace, a [...]

Shhhhh Someone is Listening - Cameras in Homes For Sale

In this age of security systems, baby monitors, pet cams, nanny cams, and other readily available and inexpensive systems, the chances that you are being watched and heard are pretty high. It can be easy to forget this, especially when the cameras are not visible. Realtors are split on the legality of this so I reached out to Kevin Joyce, Cumberland County Sherriff, to find out what the real story was.