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The True Cost of Selling a Home

What’s the True Cost of Selling a Home?

The cost of selling a home lands at roughly 10-12% of the sale price:

  • Agent commissions: around 6% of the sale price, split between the two agents

  • Closing costs: about 2%

  • Home repairs and inspection requests: approximately 1%

  • Staging: 1% (note: staging service is included with all King + Miller listings)

  • Cost of moving: around 1%


One mistake we often see from sellers: pursuing home improvements before getting us involved. You might be surprised by what we do - and do not - recommend updating! If you’re considering selling, don’t wait to have us come on over for a visit - we can help focus your efforts to leverage your home’s assets for a successful sale. 

Source: The Cost of Selling a House | American Family Insurance


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