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POV: You Went Off Script and Bought New Construction

POV: You Went Off Script and Bought New Construction 

This is a story about a couple who had their heart set on buying a home. We searched high and low, near and far, but none of them felt like the perfect fit...Until they considered new construction. Now, they couldn't be happier in their new space. This is what they learned in the process:


They embraced an open mind

These clients did not have new construction on their radar at all, but because they had an open mind, they ended up landing in their dream home that checked all of their boxes.


They relied on an agent

Instead of meeting with the builder directly, they brought us in to represent them and negotiate on their behalf. In the end, we negotiated premium upgrades and a credit from the builder.


They had a budget

Building a new home can quickly become expensive if you don't set a realistic budget from the start. We sat down to factor these expenses - from permits and finishes to moving costs.


They chose a reputable builder

Not all new construction builds are made equally. Together we did our diligence on several builders in the area to make sure we were working with one that had a proven track record and happy owners.


They considered future needs

This couple has a dog and plans to start a family in the next few years. They kept these details in mind when choosing the home, yard, and layout.


Want to chat about the possibilities with new construction? We have decades of experience helping Maine families navigate the building process with ease!


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