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Thinking of Downsizing? Buyers are Hungry for Your Home!

Thinking of downsizing? Buyers are hungry for your home!

Baby boomers own 28% of large homes (despite being empty nesters) while Millennials with children own only 14%.

If you're considering downsizing, this could be golden news for you.

The reality is, a significant chunk of our market is hungry for the kind of home you may be thinking of saying goodbye to. With that in mind, here are three more ways to make downsizing work given the real estate landscape in our market:

Utilize Digital Storage
Now’s the time to digitize those important documents, photos, and other sentimental items to save physical space. Invest in external hard drives or cloud storage (like Google Drive or DropBox) to store digital files securely. If you're not sure how to do it yourself, services like LegacyBox or EverPresent can help.

Swap Out Your Furniture
Trade oversized furniture for slim and multi-functional options. Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes to maximize your new space. Look for sofa beds, folding tables, and modular storage solutions that can serve multiple functions.

Toss the Kitchen "Fluff"
There’s no better place to free up some space than in the kitchen. Take a no-nonsense look at your gadgets and appliances, and only keep the ones you use most.

Thinking of making the move but not sure? We are always honored to have a no-pressure chat with you about your real estate dreams. We pride ourselves on helping you navigate these life transitions with ease!


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